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EKIN Bigbag

The address of quality and trust...


As Ekin Bigbag, the establishment of our company in marketing (domestic - international), planning, purchasing, production and delivery has been completed; everyone works effectively and in a coordinated way.

We are proud to export to 19 countries around the world and to more than 250 customers in our country, with our company principles that have continued since its establishment.

Supplier selection is a very sensitive issue for our company. We always supply high quality raw materials, we have unconditional confidence in our products.

Effective information is provided to our marketing departments for easy product identification. And free sample run will be provided for customers to test before they order big bags.

Quality has always been our priority since the first day we started working in the bigbag industry, and we are proud to face all kinds of breeding and storage sanctions. If the product we have agreed and promised with the customer is found to be risky both in the production planning and testing phase, the goods will be produced to a higher standard without any additional fees or new prices.


Standard Bigbag

Bigbag is the main product we produce. We produce big bags of different types and features between SWL 250 and SWL 2000 kg.


Cross Corner

It is a preferred bigbag model for ship loading. It saves space during transportation and storage.

Valve Bigbag

The Potato Big Bag has brought great advantages to wholesalers in the packaging, storage, and transportation of their products compared to the 20-25 kilo old-fashioned knit Big bag. 


Antistatic Bigbag

Antistatic bigbags are products that eliminate threats caused by the accumulation or discharge of static energy.


When filled, Q-Bags are formed using intermediate panels on the inside of their body to prevent them from forming a core and retaining their cube shape.


PP Small Sack

There are polypropylene woven sacks in different sizes and weights for packaging 25 kg and 50 kg products.


Our quality policy

We aim to increase our product and service quality with the continuous support we receive from impartial audit firms in parallel with the constructive criticism we receive from our customers, and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level under all circumstances and with the understanding of "better quality" that includes our employees.


In order to ensure continuity in quality, we conduct detailed product tests in our laboratories and closely follow the current standards of the industry.




about us

Ekin Bigbag was established as a family business. The efforts of our founders to the sector date back to 1998. Established in 2008, Ekin Bigbag's aim is to provide superior quality and service to this sector. As Ekin Bigbag, the establishment of our institution in terms of marketing (domestic - international), planning, purchasing, production and delivery departments has been completed, and all of them work in an effective and coordinated way.




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Başpınar Organized OSB MAH. 1st district, 83105 street, 27600 Şehitkamil/Gaziantep


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